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Refreshing Sleep Is Connected To My Night Light???

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To highlight how Immediately Important Refreshing Sleep Is:

Around 107,000,000 drivers reported falling asleep at the wheel based on the 2005 National Sleep Foundation poll… That’s scary.  

And remember, in order to participate in the survey, they would have to be one of the lucky ones who lived.

As noted before, sleeping pills cause some people to drive while asleep…

And how many times have you read something like, “Do not take while operating dangerous machinery.”

How many times have you ignored the warning? I know I have.

On the survey, approximately 11 Million people reported accidents or near accidents from falling asleep at the wheel. Me too.

I remember falling asleep on an entrance ramp to an expressway and jerking awake and weaving all over the road attempting to get my car back under control… And despite the adrenaline, I was having a hard time staying awake after about 2 more exits.

That’s why it is vitally important to learn and use natural and effective methods to improve the quality of our sleep and take time to sleep.

We are risking doing nothing forever by trying to stay awake to cram more into 24 hours…

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