1 Simple Sleeping Tip…

L-trypophan converts to 5HTP. Can you just take the 5HTP instead of trypophan?

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This next video will explain some of the differences and benefits of 5htp.

If your sleep isn’t as refreshing as you would like, I would recommend getting a bottle of one for this month then choose the other for next month.

Then repeat the test for another 60 days; because, part of what you’re doing is restoring depleted levels of needed nutrients. The second 60 day period may be a better test for both.

See for yourself which you prefer.


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We’ll add to and update this in future… Therefore, bookmark us and come back; because, you need to review to make certain you are using some of the tools, techniques, and training you have been exploring.

1 time through won’t do…

The other important thing is to share with those who sleep. Better sleep is a gift. So give the gift of information by sharing.

On our next post we tempt your palate with a list of 33 tips for better sleep from Dr. Mercola…

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