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EFT is pretty much instantaneous. Again, it may take some people several times to get benefit and after you start doing, review the training.

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You may be doing the technique wrong and ineffectively.

Keep in mind you may be doing it wrong and discover a way that it works better.

That’s where a wealth of innovations and discoveries come from… Mistakes!

EFT has benefited from the input of thousands of people – like you – from around the planet sharing what they have tried and learned.  Now read on…

A New Way to Use EFT for Getting to Sleep

Patricia Carrington - EFT Tapping ArticlesPublished by Patricia Carrington, EFT Master
July 30, 2012

From time to time I have written about ways in which EFT can be very helpful when we want to get to sleep and can’t seem to.

Recently, I have discovered an additional way to do this which I find extremely useful.  You may want to try a variation of it at those moments when you want to get to sleep quickly.

Before any of us fall to sleep, as I well remember from my studies during the years when I was engaged in research on sleep and dreams, we enter a period known as the “hypnagogic state.”

That short period of time that occurs before sleep begins. It is identifiable on electroencephalographic recordings as having a very different type of brain waves from the fully awake state.

There is a distinct shift in the electrical patterns of the brain at this time and when we are in this pre-sleep state, our mental associations are loosened and our mind seems to drift from one thought or image to another in a much freer manner.

Our thoughts now have an involuntary aspect to them and we glide with these thoughts and images until we are suddenly without realizing it, asleep…

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Use them both. After you’re getting results, then you can test using only one or the other. First get some sleep.

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