1 Simple Sleeping Tip…

What color light at night can protect your melatonin levels and help you get back to sleep more easily?

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Red is a good choice. I have also seen a link to amber and I will investigate further and share what I learn. Those who know some sources on the topic, please use our Contact Us Page and share.

I like being able to see where I am walking. One hint if you should wake up in the middle of the night, ignore the time. If you look at the time, your brain may start a negative feedback loop figuring how little sleep you’ll get.

Getting Back to Sleep:

Use the Technique from Dr. Weil in our first post.

Focus on something like: “Breathe In. Breathe Out.” to avoid getting caught in a conversation with yourself.

If I remember and was enjoying my last dream, I will seek to recall and relax in the hopes I pick up where I left off. I think it must work OK; because, I don’t remember how well it works.

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Red Light for a Healthy Night’s Sleep

5/14/2012 4:23:30 PM

One fine Friday about a year ago, I made a purchase that I had been aching to make for years, but had been unable to, because the product I coveted was not yet on the market. Now it is, and I am the proud owner of two, yes count them, two, RED L.E.D. nightlights!!!! They cost me $6.98 apiece, and I expected wonderful things from them.

Less excitable souls may well wonder at this, and perhaps question my sanity. I have my reasons, which I will be more than happy to elucidate, since I have already had to explain myself, in ninety-two part harmony, to the man in charge of Menard’s lighting section. One would think he’d never seen anyone dancing a jig in his aisle before.

It turned out that the Menard’s man has trouble sleeping, and was quite interested when I told him about the connection between nighttime exposure to any color of light other than red, and the severe disruption of melatonin production.

Some background information about melatonin may be in order here…

Next we explore Light Therapy to Help You Sleep at Night & Be Bright in Daylight…

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