16 Year Old Cassidy Explains Autism – The Perplexing Epidemic Report

Autism Rocket

The real number – and remember it’s climbing like a rocket – may be 2.4% or about 50% higher than admitted.

Whatever the correct number may be, the chart below shows why pretending the problem doesn’t exist is stupid.

We use Doug Casey’s definition of stupidity “stupid defined as not necessarily of low intelligence, but having an unwitting tendency towards self-destruction.”

Autism Rocket

Autism Rocket
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While mass media continues to ignore the problem, we all pay for the consequences of policies that make the problems worse by attacking the messengers, the victims, and those who dare question drug company propaganda.

Currently the drug industry spends millions:

  • To pass laws putting parents in jail who want to protect their children from risky vaccinations,   
  • Pass laws requiring everyone to quit questioning and thinking and “Get Vaccinated or Go to Jail.”
  • Rewriting history about the positive impact of vaccinations,  
  • Rewriting history about the failures and negative consequences of vaccinations,
  • To inspire loyal drug users to use name calling to attack anyone who dares question one of their most profitable products,

The problem will not be solved by appealing to political power; because, the power to take control of other people’s money and lives is always accompanied by the arrogance and stupidity that is part of political power. Examples include the war on drugs, poverty, prejudice, and other failed government programs that are designed to continually increase political power and never end.

The first step to solving any problem is to examine the problem. You and I can help if we first take the time to understand.

We are part of the Free Market and the Wisdom of Crowds (Wisdom of Crowds us also great book I read to prove to myself how foolish crowds are.  The Wisdom of Crowds probably provides the foundation for why Free Markets work.

We can’t know where, when, whom, and how progress can be made. Only that it can be if we take whatever freedom we need to solve the problem; despite the interference that accompanies any worthwhile investigation, exploration and discovery.

Explore and share as you learn what you learn. You don’t have to understand how Freedom and Free Markets and Discoveries work to be part of the process that blesses us all…

AofA Presents A Paper by 16 Year Old Autism Sibling: The Perplexing Epidemic

We are pleased to share this post. Below is a paper written for Psychology class by Cassidy Chapman, daughter of Alison Chapman, whom many of you know as a fierce advocate for her son and all of our children with autism.

Cassidy is 16 years of age and a member of the SUPER SIBS generation – who will change the world for our kids as we parents grow older.  Thank you, Cassidy.

By Cassidy Chapman

One of the most mysterious and perplexing epidemics in the world is autism. Autism is also known as ASD which stands for autism spectrum disorder. When children with autism are little there is a chance for finding treatments that can be successful but once these children grow up to a certain age there is a very little chance of recovery.

Autism over the years has taken over society and is slowly creeping through the population and is an epidemic that needs to be declared a public issue. From 1990 to 2006 the population has grown 13 percent while the number of people with autism went up 175 percent. 

This number has risen tremendously since 2006 and will keep rising till we inform people that there is a problem and it needs to be addressed now because 1 in 68 children have autism. 

This process of discovering new things about autism however is extremely hard because no person with autism is the same, they all are different in terms of causes, treatments and severity.

Autism is a broad systemic and pervasive disorder and many people are unaware of the specifics. The community should be aware of the impact of autism on the adult brain, and the thoughts of adults with autism.

When doing experiments there a few things that need to be controlled so that the results are accurate.

Testing adults with autism is very hard because of the different severities. Adults with autism who are severe are hard to test on because using a MRI machine with these adults. Either they don’t understand that they need to stand still or it seems impossible for them to withstand the system overload it causes them.

Resulting from these obstacles they must be sedated to keep still which means that the tests aren’t going to be as accurate. Even with these difficulties doctors have been able to collect valuable information to help further learn more about this puzzling disorder.

Researchers took 38 men with autism who had speech delay and another 42 men who did not have speech delay.

The scientists found that some parts of the brain were smaller in the men who had speech delay. The parts of the brain that were smaller were the brain’s ventral basal ganglia and the insula and temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex.

These parts regulate regular speech, behavioral responses, higher thinking, and perceptions. They also found that the brainstem was larger which is how we send signals from our body to the brain and vice versa and controls the involuntary movements to keep us alive, such as breathing and heartbeat.8…

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16 Year Old Cassidy Explains Autism - The Perplexing Epidemic Report

16 Year Old Cassidy Explains Autism – The Perplexing Epidemic Report
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