2 Minute Healthy Testosterone Trick for Confidence

2 Minute Healthy Testosterone Trick for Confidence...

2 Minute Healthy Testosterone Trick for Confidence…

It could be that the increase in your testosterone is one of many side effects from changing your physical position.

Think about for a moment, there are many energy healing technologies. Could it be, your physical change caused changes at the energetic level which is effecting both your confidence and your testosterone and that neither one of those is interacting with each other? Perhaps both are responding to frequency changes from your mind?

The observation I want to make is that we have theories that may or not be correct. They may or may not be helpful. If they’re wrong and we accept them as dogma, we will get in our own way for the rest of our lives.

Explore this. Don’t be anxious to bind it down with great theory. Accept it as useful and worthy of more thought and experimentation. Leave your mind open and unburdened so you can more readily discover improvements.

Now watch and learn. After this video, follow the link past our video source link to learn how to manufacture your own testosterone in your kitchen.

How to Increase Testosterone by 20% in 2 Minutes 

Patrick Schwerdtfeger 

Have low testosterone?

Learn how to increase testosterone levels by 20% by standing in a power pose for 2 minutes. Cortisol levels will also drop by 25%, all based on research by Amy Cuddy from Harvard University.

Patrick has some excellent videos with great information and exceptional presentation skills. Explore. Learn. Share.

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This link will take you to our next presentation on how to make your own testosterone in your kitchen.

(Video) How To Make Your Own Testosterone Supplements?