2014 Flu Shot Vaccine Is A Whoopsie! While Alternatives Censored?

2014 Flu Shot Vaccine Is A Whoopsie! While Alternatives Censored?

2014 Flu Shot Vaccine Is A Whoopsie! While Alternatives Censored?

We’re all told that each year’s flu shot is based on guesses on what variation of flu might happen this year.

This year’s vaccine is a Whoopsie!

Why in the world do they continue to promote them when they discover the vaccine is for the wrong strain of flu?

How do you spell $1 Billion Dollars? Actually when you figure the totals spent on these failing vaccine programs, that continue year after year, it’s way more than $1 Billion.

What’s worse from my point of view, government promoted flu vaccines keep people from making more effective choices and they remove the incentive to discover better alternatives to replace ineffective, expensive, dangerous, side effect laden, flu shots which provide the symptoms of flu.

2014 Flu Shot Fails While Alternatives Censored?

2014 Flu Shot Fails While Alternatives Censored? Flickr: Ryan Steele-FAIL

Government Says This Year’s Flu Shot Is a Dud—But Still Won’t Allow Any Discussion of Natural Alternatives

They’re also telling doctors to supplement with drugs that don’t work and have terrible side effects. This is the same government that wasted billions stockpiling these very drugs.

The flu shot is not a static formulation. It changes each year based on the World Health Organization’s assessment of which flu virus strains (usually three or four) will be the most prevalent that season.

The CDC is admitting that the flu shots distributed this year may not be a good match for the viruses currently in circulation.

This year’s vaccines protect against two types of influenza A viruses (one H1N1 and one H3N2) as well as one or two influenza B viruses.

But so far this flu season, the strains most active in the US are versions of H3N2 viruses. And in seasons when H3 viruses predominate, says Dr. Tom Frieden of the CDC, there tend to be more hospitalizations and more deaths from the flu.

Of course, as we have pointed out previously, when the CDC speaks of deaths from the flu, they really mean respiratory illnesses in general including the real killer, pneumonia.

They like to speak of “flu deaths” because that promotes the flu shot.

Although this year’s vaccine covers the H3N2 virus, there still isn’t a match.

Fewer than half (48%) of the 103 samples of the H3N2 flu virus tested since October 1 are closely related to the strains the government chose this year.

The CDC’s explanation? The H3N2 strain being targeted by the vaccine has mutated (called “drift”).

That’s right: this year’s flu shot will provide no protection whatsoever against more than half of the deadliest flu viruses currently in circulation…

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