4 Good Reasons To Avoid Mass Market Deodorants?

4 Good Reasons To Avoid Mass Market Deodorants?

Here’s a short aside about how a downward spiral of product quality frequently happens.

I’m a marketer and read many courses that teach this pathway to riches:

  1. Use online volume measuring tools to discover what’s selling…
  2. Write down the features and benefits they offer…
  3. Find a supplier…
  4. Buy it cheap…
  5. Design your own label…
  6. Copy the most successful advertisers and make changes…
  7. Use analysis tools to discover competitor’s keywords & target markets…
  8. Use what they’ve been using without having the expense of doing your own testing or development…
  9. Slap it on a website or list via a reseller like Ebay, Amazon, Yardsellr, Gazelle, and B-Stock
  10. Do it again with another product…

Nowhere is product knowledge required.

Someone who follows this path is almost always looking for price and not quality.

Some are successful and get credibility from size.

The above is true for 1 man opportunists and many sizable companies.

In the long run, the best marketers will survive, not the best product… But if someone with equal marketing skills has a better product, the entire world would win… But, that’s when bureaucrats and tax collectors swarm the good guy innovators and eat them alive.

We’ll leave the discussion of how the Free Market helps great products to thrive to another time. Suffice it to say, we don’t have Free Markets which require Individual Freedom. The 2 cannot be separated and we have neither.

Back to deodorants… The article is great with 1 caveat.

In the DIY deodorant formula, they say, “1 tbsp baking soda (make sure it’s “aluminum free” i.e. the one from Bob’s Red Mill)”

Arm & Hammer and Every Other Baking Soda on the market are “Aluminum Free”.

Baking powder has aluminum… Not baking soda. Not any of it.

I can’t fault Bob’s Red Mill for taking advantage of the confusion to sell their product for 3 times the cost of their competitors.

Bob’s Red Mill displays “Aluminum Free” on every package. That’s the equivalent of saying there are no “Canary Free” Baking Soda.

Dr. Sircus who uses baking soda in his medical practice and wrote 2 books on Sodium Bicarbonate (AKA Baking Soda), checked the labels, received confirmation from the company (Church & Dwight, Inc). Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is “Aluminum Free.”

Church and Dwight were 2 bakers and partners who started manufacturing and marketing Baking Soda in 1846 that they refined and packaged in their kitchens. They changed their business structure by incorporating in 1896.

I always thought that Armand Hammer was the founder of Arm & Hammer. Armand Hammer wasn’t born until 1898. I was wrong again.

I hope you enjoy following tangents on different products and services. I am curious about most things.

Follow the link to a good short article with some examples of alternatives to mass marketed deodorants, with a DIY deodorant recipe, and a link to a database that classifies the safety of different consumer products for your underarms.

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Our Favorite Natural Deodorants

The quest to find the best (or even just a good) natural deodorant is ongoing here at the Be Well offices. We all want to avoid the nasty chemicals found in most conventional deodorants, but we also want to smell fresh and feel clean and dry!

Before we get into our favorite options, let’s just review some of the ingredients to AVOID when you’re in the deodorant aisle.


This metal is used in deodorants to inhibit your pores from releasing perspiration – that’s why it’s called anti-perspirant! Aluminum will stay in the body, accumulates over time and has been linked to breast cancer in some studies.

Propylene Glycol

Did you know that this common ingredient in so many beauty products was developed as an anti-freeze? It is a common skin irritant and allergen and should be avoided.


This is a petrochemical, meaning it’s derived from petroleum, and found in pretty much all conventional cosmetics. It has many names including propyparaben, mineral oil, paraffin oil etc. Parabens are endocrine disruptors.


This anti-bacterial chemical often found in soaps and hand sanitizers is also an endocrine disruptor, even when only used in a low dose.

If you’re curious if the deodorant you’re using is safe, check it out in the Skin Deep Database by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

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4 Good Reasons To Avoid Mass Market Deodorants?

4 Good Reasons To Avoid Mass Market Deodorants?
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