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From the Desk of Don Winfield:


I started this site dedicated to Creating a Better World for All –Through Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, and Tolerance…

That’s another definition of and consequence of Free Markets.

 I hope you’ll help…

We will do our best to counteract propaganda promoting monopolies, cartels, central planning, and government by gun… By promoting alternatives they don’t want us to know about or think about.

Government by gun is dying.  The levels and expectations of violence in the world have been dropping dramatically for many years.

We’ll document that on 1 or more of the pages. You can see Steven Pinker’s book, “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined”

We want to help the idea of central planning and forced participation in the schemes and dreams, monopolies, wars, and propaganda of the ruling elites vanish into the garbage bins where they belong.

We’re happy you found your way here and ask that you invite others.


Live Long, Free, & Blessed,

Don Winfield for

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