Academic Fraud Is Not New Just Ignored?

Academic Fraud Is Not New Just Ignored?

Our world moves forward because what we used to believe is cast aside for beliefs that are also not perfect; they just work better than what we used to believe…

This never ending cycle does not receive the notoriety it deserves. As beliefs change, old beliefs are likely protected as they begin to be proven wrong. This is when fraud becomes common.

Those whose beliefs are overthrown at one time had academic credibility. There were many scholarly papers proving heavier than air flight was impossible. That’s not really fraud. They were simple wrong.

Those who defended the old and attacked the new were likely to move into the fraud category.

The most common bit of fraud is when someone calls their opinions: “Science!”

There are very few facts in our world. Most of what we know are opinions that are called facts.

All progress is dependent upon…

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