Academic Fraud Is Not New Just Ignored?

…having a sufficient number of us willing to question what most other people believe…

That includes our own beliefs.

Expect those who refuse to question their own beliefs to accuse you of being blind.

For those who embrace this questioning point of view, the world becomes a very fascinating place.

One of my favorite quotes is by Andrew J. Galambos, “Almost everything that almost everyone believes is wrong!”

Consider all of the things you believe that most people believe and you may find yourself in a place where you are a contrarian; because as you question you will discover that a lot of what is believed is Dogma and Not Fact and Not Correct Either.

You may consider yourself in this group or that group; but, if your position(s) is widely believed there is – more likely than not – something seriously wrong with your belief(s).

Read on to decide for yourself if some of today’s mainstream beliefs are fraud or simply wrong… Keep in mind, a lot of them must be wrong, or everything is now known and perfect and there will never be any advancement from now on.

Enjoy & Share Your Explorations into Your Beliefs and Mainstream Beliefs…

Establishment academia’s credibility destroyed by hundreds of cases of research fraud, plagiarism


What was once considered a rare exception to the norm appears to be evolving into a disturbingly common pattern of abuse.

Peer-reviewed science, and the integrity of what makes it into even the most well-respected scientific journals today, may not be all that it seems, as closer scrutiny reveals rampant publishing of plagiarized and oftentimes entirely fraudulent content.

Research studies that seem on their surface to have been vested by qualified scholars are increasingly turning out to be completely fabricated, according to new reports.

An extensive investigation by Scientific American‘s Charles Seife, for instance, reveals a shocking pattern of counterfeit “paper mill” studies making their way into some of the most highly regarded and extensively cited journals, further damaging the credibility of what the world considers to be factual knowledge…

Many major publishers having to deal with onslaught of scientific fraud…

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Academic Fraud Is Not New Just Ignored? Flickr: David Goehring-Before the Ball

Academic Fraud Is Not New Just Ignored? Flickr: David Goehring-Before the Ball


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