All You Exercise Hamsters!

All You Exercise Hamsters!

All You Exercise Hamsters!

Dr. Laurence E. Morehouse, who created the exercise program used by astronauts to counteract the effects of weightlessness, wrote the book “Total Fitness in 30 Minutes a Week.” That obviously means you don’t need to spend mind numbing time on a hamster wheel.

There are some takeaways from this article you may be able to use with programs that I consider saner and cheaper than a treadmill. Treadmills are synonymous with drudgery for good reasons. Learn what you can and then choose a rebounder or even change of pace walking or running.

4 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Treadmill Workout

By A.C. Shilton for Men’s Journal

Treadmills are miserable machines. There’s no scenery or fresh air and time just crawls on them. But where there’s misery, there’s money to be made, and app designers and treadmill manufacturers are on it. Search the iTunes store for “treadmill apps” and you’ll find everything from motivation via zombie apocalypse, to famed Olympic runner Jeff Galloway speaking gentle encouragements in your ear.

It turns out there’s a scientific reason why our brains loathe the treadmill. “Your brain is an extremely energy dependent organ,” explains Art Markman, Ph.D., an University of Texas psychology professor. Markman studies goals and motivations, and is the author of Smart Change: Five Tools to Create New and Sustainable Habits in Yourself and Others.”Your brain is three percent of your bodyweight yet it uses 20 to 25 percent of your energy supply. Because it’s so expensive to operate, it always wants to be doing something,” he says.

But the treadmill is its own special kind of hell because it doesn’t quite let your brain wander at will. “It takes just slightly too much vigilance to stay on it, so you can’t disengage from your environment,” says Markman, Which is why binging on “Game of Thrones” doesn’t help with the distraction factor. You can’t fully focus on the plot without worrying about cartwheeling headfirst into the treadmill beside you.

Run To The Beat Of An App
This, however, is why apps and tech-integrated treadmills are so ideal. Take for example, Beat Burn, a treadmill app that manipulates the speed of your playlist to match the intervals in your workout. Listening to music doesn’t take the same kind of focus as watching a drama. “It’s the combo of music and coaching that keeps you motivated,” says Chris Klug, who designed many of the workouts in the app. “And

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