Announcing a Charity Crowdfunding Platform?

Announcing a Charity Crowdfunding Platform?

Got an idea? I love this one. It’s a platform for anyone to raise money for almost anything they choose.

One of the examples is to buy a very expensive mainstream medical procedure. I hope people use it to do more than feed money to the medical cartels.

If you’ve read 1 or 2 of our postings, you know I prefer following medical mavericks over medical monopolies for whatever results anyone is seeking.

Government and insurance programs are designed to transfer money from the needy to the rich without concern for creating healthy change… Maintenance of people in poor health is much more profitable and provides more political power.

Mainstream provides maintenance programs and not cures.

One of the reasons the so-called health industry has prices that are so outrageous is they receive monopoly status provided, promoted, and protected by the political elite… They stamp out freedom of speech, right of contract, health freedom, and more to satisfy their addictions to power over others and the benefits of their old boy network.

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