Are Vaccines Blindly Pushed?

You read, evaluate, perhaps come up with more questions and research further.

You may go to sites you have learned to trust, dig into Medical Journals or seek the recommendations of well known doctors.

Those who blindly support vaccines stumble along with popular opinion and demonstrate their intelligence with their favorite expression, “What’d ya do, read it on the internet?”

Yes. As a matter of fact I have. It’s an excellent tool when used well. I recommend it. It is the biggest storehouse of knowledge on the planet.

#43 – Are Vaccines Safe? September 24, 2014 Guest // Barbara Loe Fisher Host // Larry Palevsky, MD Vaccination.

Vaccination. It’s one of the most challenging subjects that parents encounter. Doctors vaccinate pregnant women andbabies receive 33 doses of 14 vaccines by 15 months of age, starting on the day of birth.

More parents are saying “no, thanks.” This is described as an educated, upper middle class phenomenon but the truth is that vaccine ambivalence cuts a wide swath. In addition to philosophical and religious objections, people are seriously concerned about the new childhood normal of sick, fat, and at risk kids.

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