Are We The Legendary Phoenix Fourth Estate Rising From The Ashes Of Journalism?

Are We The Legendary Phoenix Fourth Estate Rising From The Ashes Of Journalism?

I think mainstream’s talking dead have lost the right to be called reporters or journalists. They are paid spewers of propaganda.

You and I and our networks of those who share what they learn are the new Fourth Estate.

We have accepted our right and responsibility to question and share what we think is worth exploring and thinking about.

Technology is making it easier to provide alternatives to mainstream propaganda. Hopefully competition will create integrity in a profession that has always had its sellouts.

Take this letter and share it if you think it should be heard. And thanks to all of you for considering this information no matter what you decide.

Any of you who share what you read or think are by definition part of the new wave of journalism. Thank you for being part of the rebirth, a Phoenix Fourth Estate rising from the ashes of journalism. Do the best you can and you’ll do better than most.

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Open Letter to Journalists from Mom of Vaccine-Injured Child

By Cathy Jameson Re: Reporting on Vaccine News

In the last ten years, I have never seen vaccine news being reported as frequently as it has been in the last three months.  First, a note of thanks: 

To those journalists and reporters who are providing vaccines facts, not fear, thank you!  Your work and your effort is appreciated.  I wish there were more of you out there. 

With gratitude,

Cathy Jameson, mom to a vaccine-injured child

Since there are so many media representatives who have not provided facts, I finally have to say something:

The public is bombarded daily with information.  From the newspapers to television to the internet, breaking news and news we can use is available and at our fingertips all day long. 

People turn you on, tune you in, view your shows, listen to your interviews, and read your articles. 

Reporting fair, balanced, investigative, facts used to be the norm. 

What’s being aired, printed, and posted now is not.  We’re now being fed fear, half-truths, mistruths, and straight up lies. 

What should you do instead?

Do the research.  Do that before you open your mouth, before you write your article, and before you contribute unnecessary confusion about vaccines. 

Facts, not fear.  That’s what your viewers, your readers, and your subscribers expect.  It’s what the public needs to see.  It’s what the public deserves to hear. 


Cathy Jameson, mom to a vaccine injured child

For the last few months, I’ve tolerated reading, listening, and watching the fear, the half-truths, the mistruths, and the lies coming from the national news. 

But when I saw the lies being aired closer to home, I couldn’t just sit here and ignore them. 

So, I wrote an angry letter.  Then I sent it. 

This was a response I sent to someone who used fear in his article and who also failed to be thorough.  If only he’d only done a little bit more work, and if only he’d been a little more considerate to his audience…

Dear Mr. C—

I just read your article about the measles. I agree that measles information is important to share, but I was disappointed with the last part that of the article that you titled Misinformation: Vaccines Cause Autism. 

As the parent of a child who is vaccine injured and whose autism was caused by his childhood vaccines, your lack of knowledge and understanding of this very real issue was disappointing to see. 

Further, the final bolded and all-caps sentence in your piece, “PLEASE, FOR EVERYONE’S SAKE – VACCINATE” was even more disappointing and was quite shocking to read. 

Making general health care demands to readers, when the measles vaccine has caused more deaths in the US in the last 10 years than the measles, is presumptuous and rude. 

If your future articles include the vaccine topic, consider looking at all sides of the vaccines including that some people cannot tolerate them.  Consider researching and reporting the following facts too:  

-the US Supreme Court  ruled that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe…

Read the Rest of Her Article Here: >>

Are We The Legendary Phoenix Fourth Estate Rising From The Ashes Of Journalism?

Are We The Legendary Phoenix Fourth Estate Rising From The Ashes Of Journalism?

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