As Vaccines Fail Will Hysteria Prevail?

As Vaccines Fail Will Hysteria Prevail?

As Vaccines Fail Will Hysteria Prevail?

I’m not following the logic of pushing forced measles vaccination, are you?

I do understand fear and the desire to rule others for their own good… Road to Hell and all that…

If the measles vaccines work, the vaccinated have nothing to worry about, right?

If they don’t work, then it makes no sense to me to push vaccines that are proven to kill or create brain damage in a percentage of children.

We’ll cover those willing to sacrifice someone else’s children to maybe protect themselves or those with compromised immune systems on the next page…

When people are afraid, they don’t think well.

According to CDC & the US Government Vaccine Court, in the last 10 years over 108 children died from adverse reactions to vaccines and another 2,692 suffered brain damage…

One person died from measles 12 years ago and none since.

Are the drug promoters saying no one has had measles in the last 10 years?

Aren’t they curious at all about the treatments for those who are not dying from measles? Don’t they want to know why those who get measles aren’t dying?…

Help Undo the Unrealistic Fears that Are Driving Hysteria that Will Sacrifice Children to Protect Against Phantoms… Read On:

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