Aura Gallery – What Do Our Aura Photo Colors Mean?

Aura Gallery - What Do Our Aura Photo Colors Mean?

No one argues that something is there that can be photographed.

Aura photography is also called Kirlian Photography after its accidental discovery by Semyon Kirlian in 1939.

There is heated debate as to what is being photographed.

Then there is the question, “No matter what is being photographed, what does it mean and what do the colors mean?”

These are excellent photographic studies. Follow the link below to see these photos for yourself and the photographer’s reading of what the colors mean:

Photographs shed light on many aspects of our external appearance — weird shadows, stray hairs, awkward smiles, lingering food particles between your front teeth.

And, in very particular cases, they can illuminate something more.

Something suspended between the internal and external, the visible and the invisible, the hippie-dippie and the profoundly mystical. Yes, we’re talking about auras.

Photographer Christina Lonsdale, also known as Radiant Human, captures auras on camera in all their hazy, multicolored glory.

“An aura is technically an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body,” she explained to The Huffington Post. This field appears, in photographic form, like a glowing cloud, a lo-fi rainbow, an Instagram filter catered directly to your innermost essence.

Lonsdale captures her subjects’ auras via a hand-built device from the 1970s, originally invented by a man named Guy Coggins.

The Aura Camera allegedly uses electromagnetic hand sensors that translate your vibrational frequency (or bio feedback) into a color, and then, with a second exposure, displays that color on an instant polaroid photo.

“I really want to create a platform for people to experience themselves in a new way,” Lonsdale proclaimed. “It kind of reminded me of space exploration in the ’70s.”

Lonsdale purchased the camera from Coggins, who told her there are only 100 in existence. The machine lives inside a collapsable black dome, ready for travel. “I have my safe space with me wherever I go,” she explains.

Lonsdale’s primary sanctuary, where she conducts aura readings for clients, is speckled with rainbow books dating back to the 19th century, filled with clairvoyant artworks, paths to immortality and color decoders for aura reading.

Although Lonsdale’s craft fits right in at trendy “lifestyle celebrations” like Topanga Canyon’s Mercado Sagrado, Lonsdale’s stuff goes way back…

Follow the link below to see these photos for yourself and the photographer’s reading of why & how our colors are like a musical scale:

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Flickr: Steve Jurvetson-Spirit Dance

Flickr: Steve Jurvetson-Spirit Dance

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