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NLP Pattern – Just Swish to Change…

NLP Pattern – Just Swish to Change…

NLP Pattern – Just Swish to Change… Do you recognize Anthony Robbins? Watch as he demonstrates how to use this simple NLP Pattern to change. He used it himself to quit biting his fingernails. Fingernail biting is not a great habit for a self-help teacher… But perfect people are not the ones who learn how

How to Help Your Marriage & Children

 How to Help Your Marriage & Children These Infographics provide simple easy to do techniques to halt or heal emotional challenges that almost all families experience sometimes. In this next infographic, I recommend changes in wording to one of her “concrete thinking” instructions; because, the mind cannot comprehend “Not” doing except by visualizing the Doing of What

Natural Cures for Mental Illness

Natural Cures for Mental Illness Have your ever thought about the dismal performance, mainstream medical has with mental illness? Richard Bandler co creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provided natural cures for mental illness and the reception for his innovations was lukewarm to hostile. “How do you treat mental illness and what are the best natural

Light Therapy

Depression? Light Therapy? Energy?

Depression? Light Therapy? Energy? We are energy and part of the family of light. Light is our ignored healer.  How to embrace the light… Light Therapy for Depression and Boosting Energy “There are times in our lives when sadness, stress, and grief affect our emotional state so much that they make us depressed and fatigued… In

Fibromyalgia Pain… Divided Mind Treatment

Fibromyalgia Pain… Divided Mind Treatment  “Dr. Sarno brilliantly explores the chasm between the conscious and unconscious minds, where psychosomatic ailments originate.” (Mehmet Oz, M.D., co-author of You: The Owner’s Manual) The Divided Mind (1-5) Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment – The Epidemic of MindBody Disorders… Video Publisher’s Summary “The Divided Mind is the crowning achievement of Dr.

Back Pain Cure

Back Pain Cure Plus

Back Pain Cure Plus First listen to this YouTube Video Podcast for back pain relief and to discover about how it might apply to other situations as well. You are the innovator and pioneer. The mind-body connection can be used to heal back pain or any form of muscular/skeletal pain. It covers quite a bit


Heal Bad Breath – 10 Causes 10 Tips

Heal Bad Breath – 10 Causes 10 Tips  What to do that’s right about what you do that’s wrong. You can’t smell your own bad breath… But others can. “Has a friend or significant other mentioned an unpleasant odor emanates from your mouth? Embarrassing as it is, you’re not alone. Millions struggle with a type

Best Self Help Techniques – NLP Strategies By Richard Bandler

Best Self Help Techniques – NLP Strategies By Richard Bandler “In this tutorial Richard Bandler discusses what he believes is his best asset. His best asset he believes is he is positive about achieving what he wants from life and believes others can do the same. “This is the concept which saw Richard develop Neuro

Real Food & Soy Exaggeration?

Soy Exaggeration? Good or Bad?

Soy Exaggeration? Good or Bad? Question, Research then Think… If you think about what you think first, Whoops! There is a huge tendency to justify your thinking and them selectively evaluate the research you uncover…: Soy is wonderful… Soy is Harmful to your health… Fermented soy is Good for Your Health… When soy is not fermented,

Explore This Simple Reiki Self-Healing Technique

Explore This Simple Reiki Self-Healing Technique “A couple weeks ago I shared a video on Reiki. In today’s video I share a self-healing practice that you can begin to integrate into your daily routine to help bring you a greater sense of vitality and wellbeing. “This self-healing practice not only promotes good health but is also easy

Healing LightWorkers?

Healing LightWorkers? I have done a lot of looking at and for new healing techniques. The numbers are amazing and growing.  I suspect the growing numbers of energy healers is partially responsible for the increase in effectiveness for the placebo effect in the US and many other countries… Or maybe it’s the other way around?

Richard Bandler Spontaneous Remission?

Richard Bandler Spontaneous Remission? Richard Bandler is the co-creator of NLP… NLP practitioners have accidentally healed many conditions thought to be unhealable and then developed methods to duplicate what they did. Many of their discoveries were not well received by Mainstream Medical Monopolies and Fat Pharma. In oder to keep from being prosecuted, most practitioners