Autism By Any Other Name… Is Still Autism!

Autism By Any Other Name... Is Still Autism!

You may not be in a position where autism can appear in your family…

Why should you care about the relationship between autism and vaccines?

Because understanding that relationship and the ridiculous fabrications about “no relationship” will help you stop and question annual Flu Shots and other nonsense that Fat Pharma and its public servants want you to believe without questioning.


“In other words, all those Amish kids whose autism can’t be explained as part of a genetic spectrum present from birth – where the hell are they? They sure aren’t hard to find in the rest of the country.

“Idiopathic autism. Isolated autism. Same difference. That’s because there’s a low rate of autism in otherwise typical children who are not inflicted with the CDC’s bloated infant vaccine schedule. There’s a high rate of autism in previously typical children who are.

“That’s why the CDC had to change the rules – their protocol — in the middle of the game – their 2004 study –- to flee from the data showing a higher rate of autism…”

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