Fat Pharma will stoop to almost any level to rake in profits… Government bureaucrats who retire to Fat Pharma & the media who receive billions in advertising dollars are there to help them.

With the list of harmful ingredients in the average vaccine and side effects, it’s surprising they have perpetuated the myths of the protective ability of vaccines.

Way too many people have assumed that a disease is not everywhere only because there are vaccines.

They have further swallowed lies that they must help take their neighbors health freedom for the greater good of the community.  The only help provided has been to help shovel money to Fat Pharma and more power to government con artists.

This is an excellent little video parody created to illustrate what has been going on…

Videos like this can change 1 person’s perspective who then influences 100’s who influence 1,000’s and continues until there is an overall change in perception that benefits the world.

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