Bacteria Beating Up Vaccines?

Bacteria Beating Vaccines?

Bacteria Beating Up Vaccines?

Whenever a medical myth benefits dark pharma, it becomes difficult to share facts that contradict the myth. The herd immunity myth and everyone should be vaccinated myth are sacred cows contradicted by facts that don’t get shared.

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Now watch this video, ask yourself questions, and see what you can use to support your health decisions.

Evolving Bacteria Outsmarts Vaccines

By Dr. Mercola

  • B. pertussis (whooping cough) bacteria have evolved, becoming vaccine resistant—much in the same way that bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics
  • While the whooping cough vaccine may reduce symptoms in those who are vaccinated, previous research shows the vaccine does not prevent contagiousness – it turns you into an asymptomatic carrier
  • The mumps vaccine isn’t working very well either, further proving that vaccine-induced herd immunity is a fallacy…

This suggests that the disease is not being prevented with mandatory, mass vaccination programs. According to the featured article:5

“The researchers said that it was happening even before countries like the United States and the…

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We recently ran 3 posts on alternatives to vaccines and what to do when they fail and you get what you’re trying to avoid anyway… If you don’t know, vaccines don’t always protect and sometimes – if they contain live disease cells – cause a disease, and side effects are a whole different issue.

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