Bad Pharma… Bad-Bad-Bad

 What If You Were a Doctor Who Was Tricked Into Prescribing Medication That Killed 10 Times as Many People As Those Who Did Nothing?

Bad Pharma… Bad-Bad-Bad

I want to point out that like way too many people, his solution is about “How to use force to solve this problem?” instead of “How to Use Freedom to resolve the problem without force?”

What does Freedom have to do with the problem???

Currently the FDA and the FTC censor speech in the US about drugs, benefits, and alternatives.  In the process, people are denied the opportunity to publish criticisms or talk about alternatives if they sell or profit from the sale of the alternatives.

The people who make a profit are the ones with an incentive to provide vigorous discourse and disagreement…

Plus their disagreement may provide cash flow that pays for their staff, overhead and research so that they can do a better job to everyone’s benefit…

Bad Pharma does not want their inferior and grossly overpriced products exposed.

With Freedom, bureaucrats would lose power, position, paychecks, perks, and the opportunity to retire after years of faithful service to Bad Pharma.

The bureau-fat-cats can no longer leave Power Over Other People (POOP) government employment to be hired and paid directly by Bad Pharma.

Bad Pharma isn’t stupid.  They wouldn’t hire their former lapdogs; because, the only thing they know how to do is work with their former agency to destroy Health Freedom, Freedom of Choice, and Competition.

The solutions we need are not about more force and who is immune from prosecution when they use  fraud, extortion, and violence.

The solutions for anyone who wants a better world and not just better control of others are:

  • Individual Freedom…
  • Freedom of All Speech…
  • Free Markets…
  • Unfettered Competition…
  • Mass Firings of Bureaucratic Monkeys who think they should control our lives…

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