Benefits of Raising Your Body Temperature

Benefits of Raising Your Body Temperature?

Benefits of Raising Your Body Temperature

This caught my attention; because, I’ve been reading about far red technology, biomats, far red saunas and other methods of raising your body temperature for health. Why not food too?

A lot of what mainstream medicine wants us to do hinders our body’s natural healing mechanisms.

If we have a higher than normal temperature, our body is activating enzymes and other healing tools to fight infections.

If we take aspirin or other temperature lowering drugs, we turn off layers of our body’s ability to get us well again.

This article introduces a number of foods we can enjoy that raise our body temperature.

Yes there is too high. Ask those who warn against high temperature if there are temperatures that are too low?

We are seeking to maximize our healthiest ranges of core temperature to maximize our health…

Read on for your mix of surprising and not so surprising foods to warm you to the core…

Benefits of Raising Your Body Temperature?

Benefits of Raising Your Body Temperature? Flickr: Hafiz Issadeen-Coconut

5 Warming Foods That Raise Our Body Temperature

Aside from barricading yourself inside a cozy cabin for five months what can you do to warm up?

Certain foods are considered thermogenic (also known as diet-induced thermogenesis): meaning as the food is digested it raises the body temperature.

Obvious suggestions are to eat soups, stews and broth to keep warm-other ways to increase body temperature would be to incorporate foods that do the work internally during digestion.

The following foods are excellent choices to keep old man winter at bay and warm up your body…

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