Bill Mahar Almost Questions Public Vaccine Dogma?

The last person who died from measles was in 2003… The US Government’s Vaccine Court, has awarded $208 Billion Dollars; because, the court has decided, based on an average of 9 years per investigation, that vaccines have killed 108 and brain damaged another 2,692.

Marianne Williamson thinks that, because a child has leukemia, measles will kill that child and she may be right; although compromised immune systems has not been a tipping factor for the past 12 years. In the same time period, the vaccines have killed 108 plus brain damaging thousands.

If vaccines are more dangerous than measles, aren’t vaccines more dangerous to those with compromised immune systems?

Drug companies and their political servants want those with compromised immune systems don’t want parents to decide if their child gets a measles drug which kill more people than measles does?

The Bill Mahar group recite dogma throughout the presentation on all kinds of topics.

Just for fun, count the number of beliefs considered as facts, when you can recognize they are not facts but opinions and theories…

Real Time with Bill Maher: Vaccination – February 6, 2015 (HBO)

Bill Maher and panelists Marianne Williamson, Amy Holmes and John McCormack discuss vaccines in light of the recent measles outbreak.

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