Can Court Cases Change Toxic Corporate Policies?

Can Court Cases Change Toxic Corporate Policies?

Dr. Mercola provides some good news about a groundswell of federal lawsuits against companies whose love of profits outweighs anything else.

It makes no difference if we’re talking about cruelty to animals – inhumanely raised -, or risking human lives and risks of debilitating illnesses for mega profits.

Can court cases turn the tide?

There’s no harm in finding out.

Explore these developments for yourself and you may be able to participate or start your own.

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Toxic Industrial Standards Are No Longer Invincible

By Dr. Mercola

A number of developments, including an increasing number of lawsuits, suggest that toxic industrial standards are no longer being shrugged off as a necessary cost of modern living. People really are starting to wake up to the very literal mess that we’re in.

For example, large factory farms, so-called confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), generate massive amounts of toxic runoff that threaten water supplies and ecological health.

Genetically engineered (GE) crop fields onto which large amounts of toxic pesticides are applied are also being increasingly challenged by concerned scientists, both for the potential hazard that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) pose, and the more well-recognized hazards posed by the chemicals.

Attention Journalists—Start Reporting GMO Science Accurately!

In response to the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) deregulation of the GE Arctic ® apple, the Consumers Union, Friends of the Earth, Center for Food Safety, and Pesticide Action Network put out a joint statement1,2 calling on media to start reporting the science of GMOs accurately.

At present, most if not all media coverage discussing GMOs is little more than a regurgitation of biased and inaccurate “facts” churned out by the industry PR machine. The March issue of National Geographic,3 which addresses “the war on science,” is no exception to this rule.

If there’s a war on science, it’s being waged against the real science of GMOs, which tends to produce results that run contrary to the industry’s glossy advertisements.

A major objection raised by sustainability advocates such as myself is against false reporting of science that either does not exist or has been convoluted by special interest groups.

In fact, we’re all trying to get the media and the chemical technology industry to address the actual science already, which is pointing to the fact that there are serious risks involved.

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Can Court Cases Change Toxic Corporate Policies?

Can Court Cases Change Toxic Corporate Policies?
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