Can Energy Healers Create World Peace?

Can Energy Healers Create World Peace?

Who doesn’t want to Create World Peace?

All those who rake in profits & steal power by fanning fear, hatred, & war.

The ruling elite pays $100’s of millions – a pittance of their annual $14 trillion* dollars in profits from war, hate, fear, and tyranny – to manipulate us to make certain we fear and hate enough to allow war to continue in our name…

They trick, extort, and con us into hamster wheels in our little hamster cages where we will wear ourselves out and waste our money and networks instead of exploring or creating real solutions to the problems created by power addicts, worldwide monopolies, and cartels who are dedicated to enslaving all they don’t choose to kill, yet…

Explore and discover your own power to create peace in a world at war!

  • (Global cost of war reaches $14 trillion, says report.  Source:

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You and I can heal each other and our worlds to create world peace.

WHC is seeking those who already use Energy Healing Techniques and understand our power to create change through Non-Physical Means in Our Energetic World.

We don’t need everyone.

We only need to connect to enough people to reach our Energetic Tipping Point to begin a Process That Promotes Love while Healing Fear & Hate to Create World Peace.

You can help by contributing, liking and sharing…

Do what you can now. We all need help & healing today…

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