Can the Mind Heal the Body?

Can the Mind Heal the Body?

Many people ask the question, can the body heal itself?…

Or does the body follows instruction from the mind or spirit to heal itself?

This presentation by a Skeptical Medical Doctor shares her journey into our power to heal ourselves.

Is it our responsibility to explore our power to heal and support the healing of others?

Please note she retells the story of the ping pong effects of Krebiozen, Nocebo and Placebo.

See our other article on Krebiozen and what we think was overlooked in these presentations about a non-toxic treatment with a wonderful track record that was destroyed by legal attacks that failed and PR campaigns that succeeded from the doctors who were told “No” when they wanted to buy the formula.

You can get the entire story on Krebiozen and 11 other suppressed technologies in the book “Politics In Healing” at Politics In Healing (

We have 2 things we need to change, our thoughts and political power.

We are blessed with the fact that with a little training we can counteract the Nocebo Effect.  Individual Freedom is our major defense against political power and those twisted souls who are attracted to its use.

Here’s your link to the Institute for Noetic Sciences.  It is unusual to see the Institute promoted by a Skeptic.  As a general rule they hate the Institute for Noetic Sciences and any provider of facts or questions about whether or not people are just programmed meat.

It is helpful for your health to discover how much you can influence your health and the health of those you love by changing your thinking and exploring the vast array of non-mainstream medical and fat pharma alternatives to support health, healing, and youthfulness.

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