Cancer Cures Revealed That Slash Cost, Pain & Death

Art of Healing

Now I was called “Blind”, by those just like me, who refused to question so called authorities and their own beliefs.

I have come to believe many things that I felt were ridiculous before I was willing to ask questions that questioned almost everything & everyone.

I began to listen and look at evidence.

There are 2 kinds of evidence.

1. Evidence that proved my old belief wasn’t perfect. And by the way, an imperfect belief can still be useful even if considering a new theory is more helpful. A flawed belief might work 56% of the time. That’s better than a coin toss.

2. Evidence that proves a new theory makes more sense than a flawed belief. It may work work 76% of the time. That’s better than a coin toss and the old theory.

Defenders of the status quo will point at the 24% of the time the new theory doesn’t work and refuse to give up the 56% correct theory.

They will be correct that the new theory doesn’t work all of the time. They need an awakening to see that 76% right is better than 56% right.

Today, I do my best to view almost everything as a temporary imperfect theory and that makes it much easier for me to critically think about popular beliefs and my own.

I am asking you to open your mind to the possibility that the current cancer treatment paradigm is torturing and killing people who could feel better and be cured but for the beliefs of those around them.

We can save lives by opening minds to consider that knowledge is still increasing.

People tend to flow with the crowd. We are part of the crowd. Until we change our beliefs – if such change is justified – people will suffer and die because of the crowd.

With or without cancer, you and I must be willing to explore and change for the world to change for the better.

Please begin to explore the alternatives to the current chemo, radiation, and surgical treatments that have a 2.75% cure rate. Cure is defined as 5 years and 1 day no matter how painful and miserable the survival may be.

There is some debate over the exact percentage; but, I have not seen over a 3% average mentioned anywhere. Leukemia in children statistics are probably the best out there. There are an expected 6,250 new Leukemia cases predicted in 2015 out an expected 1,658,370 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in 2015 in all categories.

Suppressed cancer cures and treatments outperform the dismal cut, poison, and burn trio without torturing and shortening the lives of the patients.

Until you open your mind by exploring what mainstream doesn’t want you to know, you are not prepared for the real numbers of how many can be cured.

Consider that you, me, and everyone else can be wrong and that we must continually look for better choices or we condemn those who need innovation, imagination, healing to today’s high profit failures.

We can help push past the tipping point that will make the world a better place for everyone.

In ‘The Quest for the Cures… Continues’, an 11 part mini series, doctors, survivors and scientists break their ‘code of silence’ and expose the truth about cancer. This documentary reveals exactly how to prevent, treat and beat cancer 100% naturally and its free for anyone to watch. 

Ty Bollinger lost 7 family members to cancer. He decided to uncover why cancer exists. What causes cancer? How does a person get cancer? How do you stop cancer?

Current statistics show 1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer.

At present, modern solutions for healing cancer have a documented 2.1% success rate. Which means 1 in 50 people diagnosed with cancer are likely to survive using popular mainstream methods of healing.

Starting March 30th through April 9th a full 11 part cancer documentary mini-series called ‘The Quest For The Cures… Continues’ is airing online for free to anyone who wishes to watch.

This riveting documentary interviews 51 cancer experts to educate people around the world on cancer. Its aim is to expose hidden truths about cancer while providing leading solutions for people to prevent and potentially heal themselves of cancer.

Few people realize how quickly cancer is spreading

Follow this link to help us defeat cancer by defeating the false beliefs that allow protective legislation and censorship. Share suppressed and censored information to allow progress .

Art of Healing

Art of Healing
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