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Explore This Simple Reiki Self-Healing Technique

Explore This Simple Reiki Self-Healing Technique

Explore This Simple Reiki Self-Healing Technique “A couple weeks ago I shared a video on Reiki. In today’s video I share a self-healing practice that you can begin to integrate into your daily routine to help bring you a greater sense of vitality and wellbeing. “This self-healing practice not only promotes good health but is also easy

Healing LightWorkers?

Healing LightWorkers? I have done a lot of looking at and for new healing techniques. The numbers are amazing and growing.  I suspect the growing numbers of energy healers is partially responsible for the increase in effectiveness for the placebo effect in the US and many other countries… Or maybe it’s the other way around?

Richard Bandler Spontaneous Remission?

Richard Bandler Spontaneous Remission? Richard Bandler is the co-creator of NLP… NLP practitioners have accidentally healed many conditions thought to be unhealable and then developed methods to duplicate what they did. Many of their discoveries were not well received by Mainstream Medical Monopolies and Fat Pharma. In oder to keep from being prosecuted, most practitioners

Dr. Oz Manuka Honey Natural Antibiotic, Goldenseal, Adrographis

 Dr. Oz Manuka Honey Natural Antibiotic, Goldenseal, Adrographis Dr. Oz introduces natural anti-biotics and in particular Manuka honey from New Zealand… P.S. We’ve included a 2nd video to explain the importance of the UMF rating system.  You want a UMF rating of 16+.  Lower ratings may be helpful; but, there is less benefit. Typically a jar

Spontaneous Remission

Spontaneous Remission? Video

Spontaneous Remission? Video The good news is; there is nothing that hasn’t healed somehow despite doctors declaring “No Hope!” The bad news is that both doctors and those who have challenges that have healed others tend to believe there is no hope and keep their eyes closed. Radical Remission Research – Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD

Peak Fitness Infographic?

Peak Fitness Infographic? Save time, reduce injury, and increase effectiveness… Improve your body’s ability to burn fat, growth hormone production, insulin sensitivity, and glucose tolerance by trying the Peak Fitness program, which incorporates minutes-long high-intensity interval training. Discover more about the benefits and proper way of doing this exercise program by checking out this infographic.

Exercise Recovery… Why It Is a MUST!

 Exercise Recovery… Why It Is a MUST! I didn’t know Exercise Recovery made so much difference.  I didn’t have a clue. I hope it helps you. Compression Socks by Discount Surgical Stockings. Most processed milk products today cause problems. If you’re going to drink chocolate milk as suggested for exercise recovery, buy Organic chocolate milk.

History of Alternative Medicine InfoGraphic

 History of Alternative Medicine InfoGraphic? This is a a very brief history of Alternative Medicine as an Infographic. This is Infographic supplied by the insurance industry and is very unrealistic about what will happen if zerocare begins to regulate the industry. Politicians say stupid things like, “We’re paying for it; therefore, we must regulate it for

US HealthCare Ranking

Again! U.S. Healthcare Ranked Dead Last

Again! U.S. Healthcare Ranked Dead Last Compared To 10 Other Countries Ranked against 10 other countries for overall health care, the US is number 11. “For this year’s survey on overall health care, The Commonwealth Fund ranked the U.S. dead last . 1. United Kingdom 2. Switzerland 3. Sweden 4. Australia 5. Germany & Netherlands (tied) 7. New

Circles of Life

Healing Circles Bless Us All

Healing Circles Bless Us All “In 2012 I had kidney cancer and prior to my surgery Trish and Rob organised aHealing Circle via their blog and also a Circle of Light. I was thinking about their kindness a couple of days ago, following a visit to see my medical consultant. (Fortunately I’m now clear of cancer, but will still

Drugging Babies for GERD & Colic?

 Drugging Babies for GERD & Colic? Society went from hysteria about illegal drugs which cause very few deaths to mandatory drugs that cause over 100,000 deaths per year from properly prescribed drugs whose victims followed their doctor’s guidelines, which, of course, were supplied by Fat Pharma. There is a wealth of information available on the