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History of Alternative Medicine InfoGraphic

History of Alternative Medicine InfoGraphic

 History of Alternative Medicine InfoGraphic? This is a a very brief history of Alternative Medicine as an Infographic. This is Infographic supplied by the insurance industry and is very unrealistic about what will happen if zerocare begins to regulate the industry. Politicians say stupid things like, “We’re paying for it; therefore, we must regulate it for

US HealthCare Ranking

Again! U.S. Healthcare Ranked Dead Last

Again! U.S. Healthcare Ranked Dead Last Compared To 10 Other Countries Ranked against 10 other countries for overall health care, the US is number 11. “For this year’s survey on overall health care, The Commonwealth Fund ranked the U.S. dead last . 1. United Kingdom 2. Switzerland 3. Sweden 4. Australia 5. Germany & Netherlands (tied) 7. New

Drugging Babies for GERD & Colic?

 Drugging Babies for GERD & Colic? Society went from hysteria about illegal drugs which cause very few deaths to mandatory drugs that cause over 100,000 deaths per year from properly prescribed drugs whose victims followed their doctor’s guidelines, which, of course, were supplied by Fat Pharma. There is a wealth of information available on the

Quantum Physics Versus Materialism

 Quantum Physics Versus Materialism Materialism is based on a dogmatic belief that are all preprogrammed pieces of meat and have no say so about what is about to transpire. The reason this is important is that other people can harm you with their beliefs… If you let them. Therefore you need to understand how incredible this

Nocebo Effect… Dr. Ben Goldacre 5 Minute Presentation

Nocebo Effect… Dr. Ben Goldacre 5 Minute Presentation Dr. Ben Goldacre is a Fast Talking Medical Doctor from Britain with a wild sense of humor and  a vocabulary that includes profanity.  If you’re easily offended, enjoy the guilty pleasure.  He provides a very entertaining presentation.  We will explore Placebo and Nocebo Effect extensively because they