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Can the Mind Heal the Body?

Can the Mind Heal the Body?

Can the Mind Heal the Body? Many people ask the question, can the body heal itself?… Or does the body follows instruction from the mind or spirit to heal itself? This presentation by a Skeptical Medical Doctor shares her journey into our power to heal ourselves. Is it our responsibility to explore our power to

Nocebo Effect… Dr. Ben Goldacre 5 Minute Presentation

Nocebo Effect… Dr. Ben Goldacre 5 Minute Presentation Dr. Ben Goldacre is a Fast Talking Medical Doctor from Britain with a wild sense of humor and  a vocabulary that includes profanity.  If you’re easily offended, enjoy the guilty pleasure.  He provides a very entertaining presentation.  We will explore Placebo and Nocebo Effect extensively because they

Journaling for Health? Tips…

Journaling For Health? Tips… Can you Journal for health?  The answer is “Yes”… Not necessarily… As with many things, you must fix your purpose and then explore ways to create your desired outcomes. You were born with incredible Healing, Health, and Balance mechanisms that need some support now and again… In the book, “Getting Well Again,” the Simontons

Help for Children’s Hearing

 Help for Children’s Hearing Good reasons to like us and share with family and friends.  Information does NOT lose its value from sharing… Information gains value the more it is known. “Florida Hospital for Children and Cord Blood Registry® (CBR) have launched a FDA-regulated, Phase I safety study of the use of cord blood stem cells to

Home Birth

Home Birth?

Home Birth? My niece had a home birth recently with a midwife.  She was very happy with the process.  So was her husband, a medical doctor, with everything under the direction of the midwife. We tend to forget that many more babies have been born without doctors and without hospitals than with. There are advantages