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Coping With Cerebral Palsy

Coping With Cerebral Palsy

Coping With Cerebral Palsy Explore this Cerebral Palsy site hosted by someone who is coping with their own Cerebral Palsy issues. The video we’ve included is on a mainstream treatment using stem cells.  Don’t stop there in your research. Cerebral Palsy has some treatments, some natural and unnatural ones, like drugs. On occasion drugs and other

Healing Power of Light… Photo H. Kopp-Delaney

Healing Power

DIY | Ignored Healing Power Of Healthy Blood We all know blood is important… But what are Blood Viscosity, Phototherapy, Why are they good for us, How do we DIY it, & What Do You Mean “It’s Easy & One of the Most Natural Tools Available”? Researchers are beginning to look at ways to make