Chemotherapy Kills When Cancer Won’t?

Chemotherapy Kills When Cancer Won't?

Chemotherapy Kills When Cancer Won’t

The drug cartels get away with pushing chemo when their success rate is below what we would expect from from placebo.

The so-called cancer cure rate in the US from chemo is 2.75%.

That means in exchange for misery, huge sums of cash from the patient or taxpayers, and a shortened life span, 2.75% of pharmaceutical victims can expect to live 5 years and 1 day.  (Note there are a few arenas where chemo hovers around 50%. That is the rare exception and for a small percentage of the cancer industry market. The result is not health, merely dead cancer cells.)

Those who live longer than 5 years have destroyed immune systems from chemo and may never feel truly well again…

Read on to discover, Why is this so important to create a tipping point that will unleash cancer cures that work…

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