Defy Monsanto & Assorted Lunatics – Save the Seeds of Life!

Defy Monsanto & Assorted Lunatics - Save the Seeds of Life!

We all have seen stories of people murdered to steal less than… $20 in a cash register.

Mainstream media would have us believe that people won’t murder others for billions of dollars.

They scoff at the idea of conspiracies with political assistance despite the ongoing exposure of government and mega-billion corporate scandals.

The solution to the world created of, by, & for power addicted lunatics is a little bit of knowledge and the willingness to always protect our neighbor’s individual freedom whether we approve of how they use it or not.

The alternative is to attempt to use a system of power over others and expect an outcome based on an infantile belief that we can make everything perfect if we can control power over others by taking over the current system of corruption. It wasn’t true when we were 6 years old. It’s not true today.

The only way to usher in a better world is to protect the rights and freedoms of others; because, we do not have the ability to protect our own. Only others can do that for us. And only you and I can do that for others.  

In the meantime, here’s 1 simple step you can take to undermine the power addictions of Monsanto, their insane brethren, and supporters.

By Dr. Mercola


The seed saving movement is growing. Communities are banding together to save and share heirloom and open pollination seeds that are in danger of disappearing off the face of the Earth as a result of industrialized agriculture and multinational corporations that control the majority of our seed supply.


The documentary “Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds” by M. Sean Kaminsky seeks to inspire people about the importance of seed saving—and its urgency.1


When you save seeds, you’re joining a chain of farmers, gardeners, and seed enthusiasts that dates back to the Stone Age—our civilization literally arose due to seed saving. Early humans selected the best wild plants with which to feed themselves, and passed those varieties along to others by saving and sharing seeds.


Seeds are the foundation of life, from fruits and vegetables to grain and livestock feed—without them, we have no food. It’s estimated that upwards of 90 percent of our caloric intake directly or indirectly comes from seeds.


Age-old heirloom varieties are disappearing at an alarming rate—90 percent of the crop varieties grown 100 years ago are already gone. The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership estimates that 60,000 to 100,000 plant species are in danger of extinction.2


Why Seed Saving Is So Important


Four of the most important reasons to save seeds are the following:3


  1. Seed Security: By saving your seeds, you control your seed and therefore your food supply—you aren’t depending on seed stores or catalogs for difficult to find seed.
  2. Hundreds of excellent plant varieties have been discontinued as big corporations have consolidated the seed industry and focused on more profitable varieties. Half of the vegetables grown today have no commercial sources—you have to get them through seed trades.
  3. Consistent Quality: Large seed suppliers rarely “rogue” the fields to pull out inferior or off-type plants, so the open-pollinated (OP) seeds they sell have inferior specimens in the mix.You can select your own seed for uniformity and quality. You can control the gene pool for optimal germination, ripening time, flavor, storage, disease resistance, color, etc. After a few seasons, more and more of your plants will have all of your personally selected traits.
  4. Preserving Your Heritage and Biodiversity: Today multinational corporations select seed varieties according to their own financial interests; they control 82 percent of the world’s seed market, which includes 75 percent of the vegetable seed market. It’s up to small farmers and home gardeners to preserve thousands of years of biodiversity.

Understanding Open-Pollinated, Heirloom, and Hybrid Seeds…

Read the rest of this article to learn what you can do to help stop monopolies and cartels whose greed and lust for power over others threatens to destroy our ability to feed ourselves.

Defy Monsanto & Assorted Lunatics - Save the Seeds of Life!

Defy Monsanto & Assorted Lunatics – Save the Seeds of Life!
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