Do Drug Company Adv Budgets Sway Google’s Judgment?

Do Drug Company Adv Budgets Sway Google's Judgment?

Google will ignore a million here and a million there without blinking. The rivers of advertising dollars spent by the drug companies are huge even to a Google.

Google’s search engines have been largely guided by the responses of people who click on certain types of links when searching for certain types of information.

If someone can influence Google to rig the responses, the responses people get to their searches will influence what they see and choose.

Google is considering changing its search engines to use “expert” source sites to judge other sites…

There’s a huge problem because experts support yesterday’s belief systems and do their best to halt experimentation, innovation, and discovery. The tragedy gets worse because the drug companies rule the so-called expert health sites.

We can expect everything nutritional, alternative, and new to be ignored if our searches are heavily influenced by what drug promotion and mainstream medical sites are saying… This ain’t good.

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