Do Drug Company Adv Budgets Sway Google’s Judgment?

Do Drug Company Adv Budgets Sway Google's Judgment?

Research and experimentation into how we are influenced has revealed that we can be swayed much more easily than most of us think.

We may understand that a million dollar bribe might sway someone’s actions. What we don’t understand as easily is that the best bribes are much smaller to non-existent and influence the mind and not the pocket book.

Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence” documents 2 groups of home owners with 1 group asked to sign a petition endorsing “Be a Safe Driver”. Weeks later, both groups are approached to put a ridiculously large and ugly sign in their front yards encouraging people to “Drive Safely.”

Those who never been approached first to sign a petition had 17% acceptance ratio.

Those who had signed the petition first had 76% agree to stick a large ugly billboard in their front yard.

The art and science of influence and manipulation are studied and used against the average person by political elite, mega corporations, and everyday small businesses too.

There are many methods of censorship. One is to bury us in propaganda. Another is to make it difficult to find reliable sources.

Google is a private company with its own agenda.

The drug lords and mainstream medical are looking for ways to eliminate or silence their competition using all of their resources to destroy our choices and information.

We must discover, engage, and lock in relationships with sources we trust today; because, it may become more and more difficult to find anything but mainstream propaganda when we attempt to explore our choices for ourselves… Read on:

For years, Wikipedia has been a prime source of misinformation (or perhaps disinformation) about natural health. Now we worry about what Google is up to. Action Alert!

Our reading of Wikipedia coverage of natural health is that at some point it was captured by interests very hostile to it, as we discussed in depth five years ago.

The result is material about integrative doctors and therapies that strikes us not only as highly inaccurate but in some cases libelous. Much of this commentary presents itself as “science.”

But as is often the case, people adopting a thoroughly unscientific attitude of mockery and dismissal may try to cloak themselves with the respectability of real scientists.

Wikipedia seems to us to be already a major source of misinformation in our field.

Could Google be heading in the same direction?

Currently, Google’s search engine uses the number of incoming links to a page to determine where it appears in a search. Now, the company is working on a new ranking system based on “truthfulness.”…

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And you can find out more about how the Wikipedia has been sabotaged and manipulated to bash the idea that health is achievable without a lifetime drug habit.

Do Drug Company Adv Budgets Sway Google's Judgment?

Do Drug Company Adv Budgets Sway Google’s Judgment?
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