Do You Know Kitchen Magic First Aid?

Kitchen Remedy For Better Blood Sugar & To Improve Weight?

Do You Know Kitchen Magic First Aid?

One night while dining alone, I suddenly could not bear the thought of taking another bite of food. I felt a bit dizzy and very weak. I used the walls for balance and support to get to a phone to call an ambulance.

One of the reasons for calling an ambulance is so there is someone to aid us in case we collapse before we finish treating ourselves.

Another reason for treating ourselves is that it’s immediate. It’s easier to stop some things than to recover from them.

Do You Know Kitchen Magic First Aid?

Do You Know Kitchen Magic First Aid?
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Next without knowing what was going on, I proceeded to dose myself with Cayenne Tincture, CoEnzyme Q10, Vitamin C, Magnesium/Potassium, Nattokinase, and that’s all I can remember taking now.

The combination caused me to flush stuff out of my body immediately; probably caused especially by the exceedingly high heat unit cayenne tincture. I keep bottles from Dr. Shculze and The stuff is hot. (Water does not help cool your mouth. Milk does; but, I don’t keep milk. Perhaps a can of condensed or powdered milk might be sensible with an expiration date years out might be a good idea.)

Dr. Shculze has some very effective herbal products and a wealth of information on their history and use.

I used Cayenne Tincture; because, it has helped halt cardiovascular events for some people. I considered stroke a possibility of what was going on. It could have been food poisoning. I had ready to eat salad that I forgot to wash before eating.

By the time the ambulance arrived, the symptoms were almost totally gone. The medics checked blood pressure, ect. and could find nothing wrong with me. I thanked them. They left.

Perhaps I should have gone in and been checked over; but, there is very little main stream medicine would recommend that I would be willing to do. Whatever they found, if anything, their answer would have been a drug.

I don’t know what happened or why. I have talked to several doctors who I have worked with and they lean toward food poisoning; but, there’s no way to know. That was a couple of years ago and I’ve never had anything similar occur since.

It might also have been a panic attack. Take your choice.

What I do is not what you should do. Each of us is unique. I have more things in my home for emergencies than most, and I have many books on health that I read and keep handy.

Today with the internet, the problem is not getting information, it’s sorting through the information for a good resource.

The answer to the problem of too much information at once, is to find resources that you consider reliable and that you know you have the items they tell you to use on hand, so that you can go directly to information you have already decided is worthwhile and is usable right now without ordering anything for delivery in a few days.

You might even consider creating a file with articles and instructions specific to your unique situation; so, that you have access to what you need to know if needed.

If your computer is not a laptop or battery backed up, print the information and put it in a folder in an easy to use order.

I have used Manuka for heartburn, ulcers, gastritis, skin irritations, and to with apple cider vinegar tea for sore throat and because, I like the taste of hot tea.

This is a good list. The time to learn is now before you need them and have them on hand.

Create your self help list of emergency & 1st aid items, and over time provide yourself a great medicine cabinet with low cost, effective, easy to use, and available when you need them items… Plus keep your instructions where you can access them during power outages or internet blackouts.

And since some are foods, replace them periodically by eating the old and buying fresh. Honey from the pyramids is still a healthy food. Some things have long shelf lives.

The advice they give on Manuka Honey is correct; but, there are grades that have proven medicinal value. The picture in the article shows 16+. That’s fine. I recommend you do some reading on each of these topics before you decide what brand or provider to use.

Manuka Honey is one of many natural selections that are curing things that antibiotics aren’t working on. Do some searches and some reading. Search on this site too.

And I hope you never need them.

Top five emergency first aid items you probably didn’t even realize were medicine

(NaturalNews) When it comes to emergency medicine for preppers, everybody is already aware of the extraordinary usefulness of things like nano silver, fish antibiotics and off-the-shelf antiseptics such as povidone iodine.

Here, I’ve decided to reveal five little-known emergency medicine items you probably never thought about acquiring for your preps. These are all lifesaving items that most people may not even realize are medicine in the first place.

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