Does Anyone Care If Flu Vaccines Are Broken?

This Is What This Year's Vaccine Looks Like...

Does Anyone Care If Flu Vaccines Are Broken?

How many people examine the sources who promote vaccines?

The people on our sites are curious. We notice if all the promoters are making money directly from the drug companies, profit from vaccine sales, or receive money and power by supporting monopolies and the politicians who protect them.

If everyone appears to agree, that tends to make us suspicious. And sometimes the general consensus is incredibly misinformed or uninformed and will likely change directions with the crowds or if they ever look for themselves… And we welcome everyone who learns the value of questioning authority.

This Is What This Year’s Vaccine Looks Like…

This Is What This Year's Vaccine Looks Like...

This Is What This Year’s Vaccine Looks Like… Flickr: JJ_The_Jester-Car crash 3 of 4

Another Epic Fail for Influenza Vaccine

By Barbara Loe Fisher

Here we are in the winter of 2015, and U.S. public health officials admit that the historically ineffective influenza vaccine is once again an epic fail.1,2

Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Measured from to 62 Percent

In the past three flu seasons, the CDC has claimed the flu vaccine’s overall effectiveness clocked in at between 47 and 62 percent3 while some experts have measured it at to 7 percent.4

Other studies suggest that when children get a flu shot every year it can interfere with healthy immune responses and make them more likely to get influenza in certain flu seasons.5,6

Independent medical literature reviews document that flu shots don’t really prevent influenza or complications of influenza7,8 or influenza-like-illness (ILI) associated with other types of viruses that cause about 80 percent of all respiratory or gastrointestinal infections during any given flu season.9,10,11,12

A car in which seatbelts and brakes only worked at best half the time is not a car Americans would choose to buy or drive. Car manufacturers profiting from selling that kind of defective product would be sued in civil court, and rightly so.

Americans Forced to Get Flu Shots or Suffer Sanctions

Yet, U.S. public health officials are making flu vaccine policy that gets turned into law.13,14 They are forcing Americans to buy and use a pharmaceutical product that fails to work as advertised time and again and can brain injure people, too.15,16,17

But we can’t sue drug companies for vaccine failures, brain injuries, and deaths in civil court.18

Many of us are being fired from our jobs or denied an education, childcare and medical care if we refuse to salute smartly and get a flu shot every year or give it to our children.19,20,21,22

Dominant Influenza A Strain NOT in Current Flu Shot

Every spring, federal health…


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