Don’t Take Toxins If You Don’t Like Pain

Don't Take Toxins If You Don't Like Pain

Don’t Take Toxins If You Don’t Like Pain

Do you make choices so you can protect & keep your bad habits?

I started taking vitamins; because, smokers died 7 years sooner and vitamin takers live 7 years  longer. Later I decided living 7 healthy years longer was a better idea; so, I quit smoking and continued taking vitamins…

How about sugar? How toxic or poisonous is it? How much longer can we live and how much healthier can we be without it?

Sugar cripples and kills more than tobacco use. The good news is that you can make remarkable healing progress and health creation by learning how to avoid the traps set for us by fast food and fattening food promoters.

They will do anything for a profit.

It’s also a good idea to learn why most diets don’t work. Many diet promoters will do anything for a profit as well. Some are true believers and can’t understand why what they promote doesn’t work.

They decide it’s the dieter’s fault. The dieter, exercise user, or customer of whatever must be doing something wrong.

That’s not true. You’re about to begin a journey to open your eyes…

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