Ebola Drugs Vs Unprofitable Remedies?

Ebola Drugs Vs Unprofitable Remedies?

Ebola Drugs Vs Unprofitable Remedies?

On page 1, we explore the Ebola Outbreak…

Page 2 will focus on Natural, Unpatented (Therefore Not Very Profitable) Remedies.

There is a “let’s find a patentable, profitable drug we can use” frenzy when the 1st concern should be, “How do we cure the patients and stop the outbreak?”

The 50% or so who are living are receiving help to keep hydrated and functional while the body heals itself.

The successes are not coming from the drugs being thrown at the problem.

Examine the problem, then go to page 2 using the link below for potential solutions available today instead of years from now or however quickly they can fast track Fat Pharma drugs.

Acceleration Seen in Ebola Outbreak, Death Toll Rises Above 2,600

Voice of America News


Acceleration Seen in Ebola Outbreak, Death Toll Exceeds 2,600

VOA News

Last updated on: September 18, 2014 12:00 PM

“At least 2,622 people have died in the worst outbreak of Ebola virus in history, which has so far infected at least 5,335 people in West Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.

The WHO said more than 700 more Ebola cases emerged in West Africa in one week, a statistic that shows the outbreak is accelerating. Just three weeks ago the number of new cases was around 500 for a one-week period.

The number of people believed to have killed is now more than 2,600, an increase of roughly 200 from the last estimate, WHO said Thursday. Most deaths have been in Liberia.

Just under half of the 5,300 cases of infection were recorded in the last three weeks, according to the WHO.

Officials said 318 health care workers have been sickened, and about half have died…”

“Meanwhile, shoppers crowded streets and markets in Sierra Leone’s capital on Thursday, stocking up for a three-day shutdown that authorities hope will slow the spread of the Ebola outbreak that is accelerating across West Africa.

Starting Thursday at midnight, Sierra Leone’s 6 million people must stay home, except for thousands of volunteers who will go house to house delivering bars of soap and information about how to prevent Ebola.”


The last idea is interesting. It doesn’t depend on drugs… However, let’s look at things that can be done with substances that are not patentable…

As horrible as this outbreak is, many companies will make fortunes as the politically powerful burn through taxpayer dollars.

So let’s look elsewhere. Click this link for a different way of doing things.

“We do not need to develop expensive drugs waiting while millions potentially die. Right in the emergency room are already excellent medicines that doctors are familiar with that save lives every day.” 

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