Ebola! Our Opportunity to Restore Health Freedom! Part 2

Ebola! Our Opportunity to Restore Health Freedom! Part 2

Ebola! Our Opportunity to Restore Health Freedom!  Part 2

It is time to end the reign of the out of control “control freaks” who want to decide everything for us for their benefit.

I am sick of hearing how unfortunate the poor folks who depend on taking our money and freedom at the point of guns. Many actually believe they sacrifice themselves for our benefit.


They get paid 50% more than they could get doing something of value.

They have pensions that are based on their ability to loot anything and everything they want from those of us who provide the substance they loot and live on.

Now they want to promote epidemics to increase their power, paychecks, position, perks, and perversions.

No more!

Medical Bureaucracy (and FDA Regulations) Also Stymie Efforts to Halt Ebola

The current dearth of treatment options for Ebola is not from a lack of options, but from a zealous protection of current medical monopolies together with an overabundance of red tape.

In a related article, we discussed government hostility to natural remedies that are both cheap, effective, and more readily available. In this article, we’ll look at the FDA roadblocks to more conventional treatments.

The FDA is paid by drug companies and is generally friendly to them. Even so, getting a new drug or device approved is a torturous and insanely expensive process. The minimum cost these days is several hundred million dollars spent over many years. The average cost is in the billions.

Technology like Nanobiosym’s “iPhone-sized device,” which can be used to detect Ebola and other diseases in less than an hour, is being delayed by needless FDA red tape. The Dallas hospital that treated three patients with Ebola had a similar device, one that could detect Ebola with high degree of confidence within a few minutes, but were prevented from using it because of FDA regulations.

The FDA’s intransigence is deterring other companies (especially smaller ones) from even trying to create new technology. The timeline to develop new drugs and medical devices has increased 70% in the past decade.

The Ebola outbreak, soon to be exacerbated in North America by cold weather and its conflation with flu symptoms, has been overwhelming hospitals’ ability to quarantine all suspected infections, and the situation will only intensify in the near future. Being able to actually use these new and promising Ebola treatments—which have already been shown to be safe after initial testing in real world conditions—instead of waiting endlessly for approval via the FDA’s outdated double-RCT model, is essential. Patients would then be followed closely to see how well the new products are working in…

Read on to discover what these sanctimonious creeps want to deny us while knowing they will be the last to suffer from their stupidity.

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