Energy Healing EFT?

Energy Healing EFT?

I was a certified Healing Codes Coach.  I’m not current.  All of these energy healing technologies become faster, easier, and more effective over time.

Here are some things you don’t know.

Gary Craig (who developed Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT) and Alex Loyd (who developed The Healing Codes or THC) were both students of Roger Callahan who developed Thought Field Therapy or TFT.

Roger offered 1 idea to 1 of his patients with a phobia for water that he had gotten from a program he went to on Chinese medicine and the Meridians or energy flow points of the body.

We will feature many of these different techniques.  They all have a lot of success stories.

You should explore several and learn at least 1.  Once you know, you have it with you for yourself and your loved ones 7 days a week, in the dark of night, stranded in a snow storm, imprisoned for saying the emperor is naked or whatever.

Once you learn it, you always have it.  It can’t be taken from you.  You don’t have to worry about insurance paying for it or Zerocare bureaucrats allowing it.  It’s yours forever.

The least of these will help counteract stress.  Your body seeks balance.  When one of these helps your body restore its balance, it can heal almost anything.

Introduction to EFT, Gary CraigIntroduction to EFT, Gary Craig
This is the original video created by Gary Craig to introduce EFT to those who visited his website. It is well worth the 7 minutes it takes to watch it. Once…


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