False Vaccine Propaganda Exposed!

False Vaccine Propaganda Exposed!

“Some causes you pick…and some causes pick you”? 

Vaccines! Do you dare explore Dr. Tenpenny’s awakening?

Advertisers know that it can take 7 exposures to an advertisement before people notice. The same thing is true when exposing dogma and propaganda by sharing prevailing research.

It’s not surprising that people have their minds made up and closed. We decide before ever examining research, anomalies, and questions about vaccines and other drugs.

I always assumed vaccines were marvels until I discovered there was controversy and began to explore the issue for myself.

It helps that I’m a fan the Andrew J. Galambos quote, “Almost everything that almost everyone believes is wrong!”

As you discover things are not the way you assumed, and recall that quote, you become open to changing your mind on most things… And that’s generally good.

That’s just the way things work. We don’t have time to question everything (There’s not enough time in a 1,000 lifetimes to question, evaluate, and decide everything.) and we are not aware of… continued >

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