False Vaccine Propaganda Exposed!

False Vaccine Propaganda Exposed!

And we are not aware of… how little we question anything.

Plus if we ever take a position on anything, we will defend that position much more quickly than we will ever question it.

If we are tricked into writing, typing, or in some way supporting something no matter how out of place it is for us, it will take explosives to reopen our minds.

It is abnormal for most Americans to think we should decide what’s right for other people’s children, even though we don’t know their children, their health history, and have not become experts on the facts and don’t even know the flaws and dangers admitted by the drug companies.

When we haven’t listened and examined to discover what the opinions of others are based on… And while we hold a strong opinion without knowing their reasons, we can rest assured, we have been tricked into believing without thinking… And in this case for the benefit of gargantuan drug company profits.

Fat phrma will make $35 Billion from vaccine sales this year, and that’s only 1 of their profit centers.

It’s cheaper for them to pay for those they harm – or their families if they don’t survive – and to buy political power to keep the con going than it is for them to improve their products.

Drug company propagandists know our minds will make up memories to support our beliefs.

If we saw a mention of a report, we tend to think we actually investigated the report. Fat pharma will spend Hundreds of Millions to protect Billions by helping to provide us the false impression that we have seen reports and made intelligent, thoughtful decisions.

Hogwash. Very few of us will take the time to investigate opposing points of view; because, we don’t have the time. And the drug lords win with dollars.

The way that we can overcome their strength in dollars is to continue to share the data from CDC and the US Vaccine Court, the questions, the revelations and our personal stories. Eventually we will hit a tipping point that makes the drug companies advertising and propaganda deception dollars almost useless.

They might even begin to improve their product but it’s doubtful; because, it was never that good to begin with. But their propaganda is and has always been excellent.

We’ll cover more about the limited role vaccines have played on another page after you read Dr. Tenpenny’s excellent personal story about how the Vaccine Cause Chose Her.  


What Opened My Eyes to the Problems Vaccines Cause?

 by: Sherri Tenpenny, DO


Have you ever heard the expression, “Some things you pick…and some things pick you”?  I got drawn into the ever-changing, emotionally charged vaccine debate after attending the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) meeting in September 2000.


I was troubled by what I had heard and decided to search for answers by going straight to the leading vaccine “authority” in the country: the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


Imagine my surprise—and dismay—when I discovered that most of what I had accepted as The Truth about vaccines really wasn’t the truth at all.  


Here are a few examples:

  • Vaccines are not responsible for the eradication of diseases, such as polio and smallpox.
  • Vaccines have not been “proven” to be safe.
  • When a vaccine is called “effective”, it is not the same thing as being “protective.”
  • There are no true double-blind, placebo-controlled studies used in vaccine research. The new, investigational vaccine is compared against a vaccine with a “known side effect profile.” Therefore, “control group” is given a “placebo” that is another vaccine, not saline, sterile water, or no vaccine at all.
  • Vaccines are not “relatively harmless”…..tens of thousands have been injured and have died, as a result of vaccination.


The list goes on and on.


From that first NVIC meeting through the end of 2005, I have invested more than 7000 hours of time into my research, and that continues with a commitment of at least 2-3 hours per day, reading and researching vaccine-related information.


That level of commitment is required to keep abreast of the “vaccine issue” because it is a big topic, some of which includes the current pediatric vaccination schedule:

  • As of 2004, there are eight vaccines included in the routine childhood, and up to 20 more are anticipated to be developed for adolescents by 2010. As of 2006, if children receive all recommended childhood vaccines, they are injected with more than 100 vaccines by the time they start school…

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False Vaccine Propaganda Accepted As Truth!

False Vaccine Propaganda Accepted As Truth!
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