For Parents Who Want Safe Effective Vaccine Alternatives

For Parents Who Want Safe Effective Vaccine Alternatives

Who Else Wants Safe Effective Vaccine Alternatives?

One of the ways we are mislead into bad choices is through fear. Especially when it is fear for a loved one.

We are mislead by professionals who are afraid of being sued if they start questioning what mainstream medicine and the dark lords of drug pharma are doing. The professionals are afraid to think for themselves.

The mind is a powerful thing… And if you have reasons to see the world a particular way, your mind will answer your command.

Your maturity and value to the world depend on your ability to ask questions and take the best moral stance you are capable of despite all the reasons you should go along with authority or peer group pressure.

For Parents Who Want Safe Effective Vaccine Alternatives

For Parents Who Want Safe Effective Vaccine Alternatives Flickr: Quinn Dombrowski-Vaccination FTW

Parents Do Have a Vaccine Alternative

Could a safe, effective and inexpensive alternative to vaccination already exist? 

Lily was my third child. She was born in China, in the city of Jiujang, in Jiangxhi Province.  She was ten months old when we traveled to get her and weighed a mere 10 pounds.

Lily was beautiful. She was more like a newborn than a one year old. She could barely hold up her head and was so accustomed to being heavily swaddled in layers of clothing that she cried when the air touched her skin the first time we carefully unwrapped her.

Her tiny features were so delicate. She was as quiet as a mouse. She slept through the night without a peep. She was perfect…

What happened when her doctor gave her vaccine chemical cocktails? What are safe alternatives?

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Let’s assume your fears have not been overcome after reading about this alternative. After all… Why wouldn’t the medical profession embrace this alternative if it’s so much better than vaccines?

Follow this link to answer that question with historic facts… And what inexpensive, commonly used cure was used to cure 60 children of polio… 57 in 3 days. The last 3 took 1 week.

DIY – In the article following that, we’ll show you how to make your cure for all toxins, flu, colds and more dirt cheaply, simply, and effectively.

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