For Young Women Who Want To Beat 6 Heart Attack Risk Factors…

For Young Women Who Want To Beat 6 Heart Attack Risk Factors...

In this article, Dr. Mercola mentions that the work of Dr. Thomas Cowan, who has been exploring the idea that the beliefs about what causes heart attack… And even What Is a Heart Attack beliefs are wrong.

We’ve included a link below so you can explore this further for yourself.

Breakthroughs begin as heresy. They question what everyone knows is true.

Because they challenge beliefs that tend to be ignored. If you want to be 18 or more years ahead of the rest of the world, you have to be willing to question what they won’t and investigate that which seems strange.

You must judge the idea based on the idea and the evidence and not on mainstream mythology and dogma.

This provides things that work; perhaps, for the wrong reasons but they work.

Then step into a potential future and try a new belief system on for yourself and see how it fits… but first make note of this valuable information and figure out how you can apply it or amend it???

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Study Identifies Top Six Factors Predicting Heart Attack Risk

By Dr. Mercola

Heart disease claims the lives of about one million Americans every year, making it the leading cause of death for both men and women. One in every three deaths in the US is attributed to cardiovascular disease.

This year alone, 920,000 Americans will have a heart attack, and nearly half will occur suddenly and without warning.1 Remember the most common symptom of heart disease is actually sudden death.

A heart attack occurs when part of your heart muscle begins to die, and even if you survive, the resulting scarring can cause severe health problems down the road, such as increased risk for sudden cardiac arrest.2 How much of your cardiac risk is under your control? Quite a bit, according to the latest studies.

Six Choices That Can Make or Break Your Heart

According to new research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology,3 young women who follow six lifestyle guidelines can all but “heart attack-proof” themselves.

The study, which followed nurses over the course of two decades, starting around age 37, identified the six lifestyle factors of greatest impact on heart health.4

Women who adhered to all six guidelines lowered their heart disease risk by 92 percent. Based on that, researchers estimated that more than 70 percent of heart attacks could be prevented by implementing the following:

1. Healthy diet

2. Normal BMI (body fat % is actually more accurate)

3. Getting at least 2.5 hours of exercise each week

4. Watching television seven or fewer hours per week

5. Not smoking

6. Limiting alcohol intake to one drink or less per day

None of these factors should come as a surprise, but the impact they collectively have on your cardiac risk is impressive. The results of this study…

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Hearts Don’t Attack But?

Explore Alternative Theories About the Heart & Heart Health with Thomas S. Cowan MD

For Young Women Who Want To Beat 6 Heart Attack Risk Factors...

For Young Women Who Want To Beat 6 Heart Attack Risk Factors…
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