Freedom, Vaccination & Hysteria?

Freedom, Vaccination & Hysteria?

If none of those who got measles were vaccinated… And the measles vaccine actually works… Then all of the people who are vaccine hysterics, only need to make certain their vaccines are up to date, and they have nothing to worry about.

Some are claiming, everyone should have the vaccine except them – even though it will kill some of the vaccinated according to the US government’s own Vaccine Court – because they might get measles and die.

Vaccine hysterics want children to die to protect themselves. And send their families to jail too.

They don’t care that the last person who died from measles was 12 years ago… Or that 108 have died from vaccines. They won’t feel safe until everyone but them is vaccinated.

I had measles. I’m not dead. My sister had them first. I know a lot of people who had measles. None of us died from measles. 

I would recommend if some people are immunocompromised, they do like the other immunocompromised whose parents are trying to protect them… Don’t get vaccinated.

Then do some research on high dose vitamin C and other choices.

Be prepared to take personal responsibility steps for measles that don’t include sacrificing others.

Everyone needs to protect children and their unique health status and quit trying to sacrifice some children to protect the hysterical.

No one can protect the hysterical from their fears or their refusal to seek alternatives that don’t include killing other people’s children and imprisoning their families.

If someone isn’t taking any precautions against measles, they should. See our links at the end of this article about how anyone can reduce their chances of getting the measles without the vaccine and how anyone can help their body cure measles faster if needed.

Demanding other lives be sacrificed seems like hysteria. I think it’s time for those who want solutions instead of scapegoats to speak up and be heard… Please share this and the links below.

Hysterical Americans Call to Jail, Sue, and Even Making Death Threats Against Measles”Anti-Vaxxers”


We didn’t realize that so many people have completely lost their wits because a whopping 100 people got measles at Disneyland (out of the 15+ million people who visit that park each year).

You know what I really don’t get over this, guys? All the calls to KILL.

Commenters, a couple articles back, even wished my children would die for talking about this…


(Video) How To Treat And Prevent Measles Naturally?

…natural pediatric expert Dr. Jared Skowron, author of 100 Natural Remedies for Your Child, explains 3 simple nutrients for your child to support their immune system which is what cures measles… Plus they help prevent measles… Plus nutrition is good for children anyway…

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