Friendly Food Future Through Permaculture?

Friendly Food Future Through Permaculture?

Explore Permaculture and other emerging programs that you can do in your homes or gardens and even apartments. Everything you do creates more abundance in all kinds of ways. If you grow any or your own food that action frees up money you would spend on food to use or invest and whatever you with what you don’t spend will help create jobs and benefit others.

You don’t have to be a farmer. Support those who are and use farming methods that appeal to you.

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Friendly Food Future Through Permaculture?

Friendly Food Future Through Permaculture? Flickr: Brian Boucheron-Northeastern Permaculture Convergence, Summer 2008

Permaculture Agriculture : The Transition to a Sustainable Future

Permaculture stands for permanent culture. It is an ecological method of design that shapes many practices, including farming.

The term permaculture was first coined by two Australians, David Holmgren and Bill Mollison. However, many of their design ideas were inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka’s sustainable farming methods. The founders of permaculture recognize that a change in farming is needed. A change in culture is needed as well – a change in the way we view the world.

American culture, and indeed Western culture, often sees human beings as somehow separate from nature, that nature is out there and we are in here.

Anthropologists don’t necessarily see such a demarcation from us and nature and neither do permaculturists. Not only are human beings a part of nature, it is optimistically believed that we can do more than mitigate our harm to the environment.

Through the active implementation of permaculture principles, we can actually improve the environment around us.

A Grassroots Movement

We don’t need negativity to promote change. Negative emotions interfere with creativity.

Bill Mollison believes that positive change is more effective from bottom to top, than it is from top to bottom.

If we wait for change to come from the politicians, we could be waiting a long time.

Change yourself. Change the way you garden. Change could come from one neighborhood at a time, rather quickly. Permaculturists believe that we must be the change we seek to find in the world.

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