Glacial Vaccine Court… For Our Kids?

Glacial Vaccine Court... For Our Kids?

Glacial Vaccine Court… For Our Kids?

The political elite have replaced our rights and freedoms with illusions. They protect the uber rich and mega corporations they serve.

How did kids – and adults – harmed by vaccines lose their right to a common law trial by jury guaranteed to and guarded by the sworn oath of those entering office?

Since this court violates individual rights, it’s probably a good idea to know a little bit about it.

Glacial Vaccine Court... For Our Kids?

Glacial Vaccine Court… For Our Kids?
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The Vaccine Court Wayne Rohde -—The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

By Anne Dachel

Parents and other advocates, long abandoned by the medical community, health officials and the media, have discovered for themselves the corruption and cover-up that exists in government oversight agencies and programs.

In recent years we’ve learned about the existence of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and an obscure part of the federal court system that has come to be known as Vaccine Court, where parties injured by vaccines have to plead their cases before an unorthodox forum known as the “special masters.”

This program exists because the U.S. government indemnified both the manufacturers of vaccines and individuals who administer them.

Both groups have no liability if someone is injured by a vaccine.

Wayne Rohde recently finished writing the book, The Vaccine Court, an in-depth look at the vaccine injury justice system

Whenever politicians steal another right guaranteed in the constitution they took an oath to uphold, it’s a good idea to see what they’re up to and what their excuses are. Informed people can sometimes make a difference… And sometimes we’re in a position to stop the next theft of rights and freedoms.

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