GMO Con Game Exposed?

GMO Con Game Exposed?


Enron: The energy company’s bankruptcy in 2001 after allegations of massive accounting fraud wiped out $78 billion in stock market value and led to the collapse of Arthur Andersen and the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002…

New York money manager Bernard Madoff’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme, the largest fraud ever by an individual…

Lehman Brothers: A bankruptcy examiner’s report concluded there were “colorable” claims against its top executives and its auditor, Ernst & Young, for fraud, but neither the SEC nor the DOJ have so far filed charges…

Cendant / CUC International- estimated to have cost investors at least $19 billion, and was the largest fraud prosecuted by the SEC to that date (1997)

What do you think?

Will people commit crimes for money? 

Since conspiracy means 2 or more people working together to break the law, do conspiracies exist?

Will people do outrageous things for money?

The people who weren’t at the top helped create the fraud. Were they a mix of no idea, suspected but didn’t want to risk retribution by rocking the boat, or that wonderful category of “Just following orders!… Because, it’s not my job to question or think!”?

This article introduces you to the con game that supports GMO. Some know what they are doing. Many are being manipulated and most refuse to question the actions that are making them money.

Decide for yourself what you need to do to protect you and your loved ones from fraud that ends up destroying the value of your food and goes beyond that to make it toxic with all kinds of nasty side effects for those who are fed this garbage.

GMO could have value. But value is created with free markets, freedom of speech, and individual choice. The political elite do their best to support monopolies and cartels using our tax dollars and by passing laws making politicians and other crooks exempt from prosecution.

There is nothing so good that political power can’t pervert it and turn it to darkness. Read on:

GAME OVER: GMO science fraud shattered by stunning investigative book worthy of Nobel Prize – Altered Genes, Twisted Truth

(NaturalNews) The science fraud game is over for the biotech mafia. After years of running its corporate con that pushed dangerous poisons into the food supply and the fragile environment, the biotech industry’s lies are now exposed and meticulously deconstructed in an exhaustively researched new book launching March 20.

The title of the book? Altered Genes, Twisted Truth – How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public by Steven Druker.

The Foreward of the book was authored by one of the most celebrated living scientists in the world: Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE and UN Messenger of Peace.

The derogatory “anti-science” slur used by biotech operatives (such as discredited biotech shill Jon Entine) against other scientists won’t work against Jane Goodall. Her legacy of science is irrefutably extraordinary, and she has received more science awards and accolades than almost any other scientist living today.

What does Jane Goodall have to say about the total science fraud of GMOs and the corrupt biotech industry?

In her own words, Altered Genes, Twisted Truth is “without doubt one of the most important books of the last 50 years.”

She goes on to reveal the stunning truth about the outright corruption, fraud and disinformation that now characterizes the biotech industry and the collusion of the FDA:

Altered Genes, Twisted Truth is the most chilling thing I’ve ever read. It’s about the huge conspiracy by the big companies who do genetic modification to keep the public from knowing the truth, to subvert the course of justice.

[GMOs are a] shocking corruption of the life forms of the planet.

…the huge conspiracy by the big companies who do genetic modification to keep the public from knowing the truth, to subvert the course of justice.

…the general public and government decision makers have been hoodwinked by the clever and methodical twisting of the facts and the propagation of many myths.

…a number of respected scientific institutions, as well as many eminent scientists, were complicit in this relentless spreading of disinformation.

Steven Druker is a hero. He deserves at least a Nobel Prize.

…the commercialization of GE foods occurred through the unbelievably poor judgment — if not downright corruption — of the US Food and Drug Administration (the FDA)… it apparently ignored (and covered up) the concerns of its own scientists and then violated a federal statute and its own regulations by permitting GE foods to be marketed without any testing whatsoever.

The evidence further shows how the agency assured consumers that GE foods are just as safe as naturally produced ones — and that their safety has been confirmed by solid scientific evidence — despite the fact it knew that no such evidence existed.

…it was this fraud that truly enabled the GE food venture to take off. And he asserts that the fraud continues to deceive the public and Congress, despite the fact that the lawsuit he initiated thoroughly exposed it.

…the mainstream media have been highly selective in what they report — and have consistently failed to convey information that would cause concern about these engineered products. Moreover, Druker demonstrates that the policies imposed by the media magnates have been, in his words, ‘not merely selective, but suppressive.’

…he relates several dramatic incidents in which journalists who tried to bring unsettling facts to light had their stories altered or totally quashed by higher level executives.

…it appears that such publications are downright deceptive, not only portraying genetic engineering in a misleading manner, but even misrepresenting some basic features of biology.

…even if these products did not entail higher risks, it’s doubtful they could significantly reduce malnutrition or solve any major problems of agriculture.

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GMO Con Game Exposed?

GMO Con Game Exposed?

Don’t expect to wake up tomorrow to see the companies who are killing us and their promoters to apologize and offer refunds to pay for anyone’s medical bills.

But if you share with others, this ongoing tragedy will have a shorter life and harm fewer people. So like our Facebook page and share…

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